“I’m scared of getting fatigued on a long swim”

By Helen Davis • 14th March 2019

There will be no tips on acclimatizing, starting, drafting and turning. Windermere One Way is an unique event, a personal challenge. So there will be no big splash start, no drafting and no turning round buoys.

So here you will find plenty of practical advice complete with example sessions for you to get stuck into.


CSS monitoring – re testing



Breathing patterns Three steps to seamless breathing by Terry Laughlin

Straight line swimming with keri-Anne


Mentality Take the pressure by Helen Davis

Nutrition Carb loading for swimmers by Simon Griffiths

Swimmer sets by Zone 3

Our staff support safe open water swimming and encourages swimmers to follow the Lake Districts Swim Safe Code if you need any information on group swimming please ask.

Our top tips would be

  • Swim with an organised group in good weather conditions
  • If possible with a canoeist displaying an Alpha flag
  • Wear a bright coloured hat
  • Keep close to the shores and avoid swimming in busy boating areas
  • If you are swimming on your own it is a good idea to let someone know of your plans and to wear a float which may make you more visible to other water users.

Windermere may be the obvious choice but there are many other beautiful lakes to choose from take a look at the assess table to plan your next open water swim. lakes table

Lake District National Park advice on swimming.

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  • Outdoor Swimmer
  • National Trust
  • James Kirby