Entry for 2021

Event date Saturday 28th August 2021

#WOW gives swimmers the chance to enter one of four ways depending on your aim.

Option 1 Challenge Wave Swimmer providing own paddler £185

Option 2 Challenge Wave T2 sourcing a paddler on behalf of the swimmer £350

Option 3 Elite Wave A sub 5 hour swimmer providing own paddler £185

Option 4 Elite Wave A sub 5 hour swimmer with T2 sourcing a paddler £385

The challenge waves will be required to stop and exit the water at the half way feed, giving swimmers and paddlers a chance to refuel, stretch their legs and get comfortable. The time will be included in your over all time.

The Elite swimmers will also be required to check in for safety purposes at the feed stop but can then continue on to Brathay. We ask that your swim time be predicted around the 5 hour mark.


  • Official
  • Outdoor Swimmer
  • National Trust
  • Jumpy James