What happened in 2020?

An unforgettable year!

2020 gave us challenges that we had to work extremely hard to overcome. New restrictions on social distancing added to our list of requirements. The planning and preparation that went in to the 2020 event was its biggest yet. With the whole team coming together and ensuring we had all basis covered when it came to you safety. Registration was adapted, feed stations were planned and adapted, extraction points changed and confirmed. Venues were given the confidence that we would all be able to abide by social distancing rules. Motor boat and medical teams were fully prepared to deal with any incident safely.

The swimmers and paddlers worked to ensure they were at their best in terms of fitness following the difficult training conditions in the summer.

Then building up to event day the weather chose to be less favourable. Every opportunity was given for the swim to take place, but with the winds not calming the decision was to cancel the event. What followed was a range of emotions, proud that we had got the event this far, gutted that the weather was the only obstacle. In its 7 year history the Lake had always been kind. This year just wasn’t to be.

Thank you to all the team, swimmers and paddlers who supported the event, emails of support and respect post decision were much appreciated. To the venues for their support and continued support.

We will be back next year stronger than ever, ready for the adventures.

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