The Swim

The Windermere One Way Swim starts at beautiful and sheltered Fell Foot Park at the southern end of Windermere. Swimmers start individually from 06:45. From here, the epic 11-mile swim takes you to the finish at the northern tip of the lake at Borrans Park. Starting in single file you will be guided from Fell Foot on your journey with 1:1 paddler support.

For safety reasons, each swimmer must be accompanied at all times by a support kayak or boat. If you don’t have access to support, don’t worry as for an additional cost, event organisers can provide you with an experienced paddler to support you from start to finish. All swimmers must wear a tow float.

Every Windermere One Way swimmer will also benefit from live GPS tracking, so you can accurately time your achievement and share your position with friends and family.

Wetsuits are recommend, but we welcome any swimmers wishing to take on the challenge without a wetsuit. This information will be confirmed at registration.

Due to the safety cover of this swim, there is a cut off time of 11 hours for completion.  Event organisers have the authority to withdraw swimmers from the event. It is expected that all swimmers reach Harrowslack (feed) by 12:00.

Feed Stations

Whilst most swimmers will eat and drink along the way, we’ve teamed up with the National Trust on the shores of Windermere to create an official feed station for both swimmers and spectators to enjoy. Located perfectly half way along the Lake, the shore provides the perfect place for swimmers to refuel and recharge their batteries for the second half of their epic journey.

The T2 Team will be serving a selection of drinks and if you have any land-based support crew on the day, they are more than welcome to join us here to provide you and your water-based crew with additional supplies, should it be required.

The Finish!

After 11 miles of swimming our successful athletes will finish their journey at Borrans Park.

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