Meet the team

Alan Jackson – Event Safety Manager, East land based sweep

Alan’s short stint (13 yrs.) in the Royal Navy followed by a career in the event industry and his role as Chair of a local Tri club puts him in good stead to work with the WOW team. Just missing out on Kayaking last years event, he is happy to be land based for this one.

Stuart Fogden (Foggy) Coach greet, briefing and West Land based sweep.

Foggy will be the friendly face at kayak drop off and coach boarding. Briefing the paddlers and swimmers and then completing the length land based on the west shore. Foggy has been with WOW and T2 events from the very beginning and is a much loved member of the team.

Val Macconnell – Registration and finish line support

First your likely to meet Val, she’ll be the welcome face at registration and the smile at the finish.

Ashely St.John-Clare – Medical 

Paddlesports, Expedition First aid and Open Water swimming have always been a part of Ashley’s life, from the top of Scotland, to the Lagunas of Chile. An experienced Rescue Instructor, Ashley is on hand  to assist in all stages of the event this year, and very much looking forward to seeing you all succeed!

Barry Graveson – Water sweep

So there will be one boat on the water longer than any. Two people sat on the water for the up to eleven hours sweeping the course. Meet my good friend Barry Graveson, having completed the One Way event previously he will help you along the way.
Barry will also be calling the paddlers forward at the start whilst I call the swimmers, visual pairing and your off…

Jo Lade, Caroline Leigh, Mat Leigh – Halfway feed team

Half Way Team, a great bunch who will support you physically and mentally. Caroline has completed a two way of Windemere and will defiantly know what you will be going through. Here you will have a chance to refuel and drink (toilet stop too)
Jo will be checking you in – here you physically hand over a green band.

John McAllister and Team – Water safety

Some people won’t be seen on the day but their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. John Mcallister and his team have been busy behind the scene preparing for this great swim. Its a huge undertaking to coordinate and plan for ten motor boats and crew to fit in a time line of 130 swimmers swimming 11 miles. A massive thank you to them for keeping paddlers and swimmers supported and safe. I’d say give them a wave on the water but this might get confusing! #wavedontwave

James Kirby – Photographer

Recording your swim for you to cherish for a long time to come. James will be at the start and everywhere in between!  Check out his work on the gallery page. It is stunning and will make you smile each time you visit the photographs.

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