Every swimmer must have a supporting paddler, this paddler may be provided by the event organiser or by the swimmer themselves (prior notification required). All paddlers should be experienced; it is compulsory that paddlers kept a record of training activities building up to the event. Paddlers are welcome to join our Strava group to help document their training. Full details of all paddlers and swimmers including their combination will be kept with event organisers.

To register your interest in paddling for a T2 paddler assisted swimmer please click HERE  (Do NOT register if you are supporting your own swimmer)

Paddlers Responsibilities

Equip themselves according to the weather conditions and ensure their boat / SUP is in good working order. Please note no inflatable boats permitted. 

Wear the provided bright marshal bib.

Provide for themselves a buoyancy aid, whistle, phone including water proof case (fully charged mobile phone also to join the whatsapp group – link be made available from August), water and sufficient food for the day.

Ensure a whistle is at hand and easily accessible during the event.

Have a course map at hand at all times during the event. A water proof one is provided.

Be familiar with the route and emergency pickup points. Be familiar with the Emergency Action Plan.

VHF radios will be on the motor boats, this channel frequency will be made available, please ask at registration.

Paddlers will be expected to work well in the relevant team(s) IE: swimmer, paddler and organiser team(s).

Communicate effectively with other paddlers enabling them to position themselves in the most convenient place in order to support their swimmer.

Support their swimmer by carrying his/her food and drink supplies, providing these when the swimmer requests (A good guide is every 30 – 45 minutes).

Guide their swimmer round the course, suggested lead distance 2-3m. Please take advice from your swimmer.

Ensuring both paddler and swimmer are at a safe distance from any other craft.

If their swimmer should look to be going off course the paddler shall direct them back onto the correct line.

At no time should the paddler leave their swimmer unattended.

The paddler should be aware of how to spot the common trouble/ distress signs-

Swimmers will be instructed to float on their backs and wave their arms to gain the attention if in trouble.

It is preferred that communication be effective between paddler and swimmer to eliminate reaching this stage.

Other problems may include cramp, previous injuries and breathlessness.

Paddles will be expected to act upon the signs of distress accordingly, gaining the attention of the support craft by using paddle, whistle or whatsapp message.

They are to encourage the swimmer to hold onto the front or back of the kayak but not to pull themselves on to the kayak.

If a paddler sees another paddlers swimmer in distress they are to assist where necessary and inform their swimmer of the action being taken (their swimmer is expected to wait until the situation is resolve before both paddler and swimmer continue on their way).

*Please note no dogs are permitted to join the paddler*

Message from Cumbrian Rivers Authority:

Make sure your boats and equipment are clean, dry and checked to eliminate any cross contamination. A separate document has been provided by Cumbrian Rivers Trust this has been sent to each paddler and swimmer.

Please ensure your equipment is checked, clean and dry before coming to Lake Windermere. This is to help avoid cross contamination and the introduction of invasive species to our waters.

 “You are an essential partner in helping us protect Cumbria from freshwater invasive non-native species and diseases. Given the devastating ecological consequences and high costs for control, the emphasis needs to be on preventing the introduction and spread through biosecurity measures before they become established.

Biosecurity measures are simple and inexpensive. Please help us to promote biosecurity in order to protect our incredible freshwaters we love to spend time in.”

Upon completion of the event please ensure you rinse your equipment thoroughly and dry it when you get home.

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